Personalized Outgoing Voicemail

Personalized Outgoing Voicemail


Need a new outgoing voicemail greeting but don’t want the same “Hi it’s me, leave a message?” Then have a “celebrity” record one for you!

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Outgoing message will be improvised (in character) unless you provide a script. Each voicemail will be 10-20 seconds. In checkout, please specify the name you would like added to the outgoing message and any other specific information which needs to be included in the message (i.e., Joe can't come to the phone OR Joe Gaudet isn't available, etc).  If no name or information is provided at checkout, a generic message will be recorded.  

Please allow 2-5 business days for your voicemail to be recorded and sent to you (via email) in MP3 format.  

To add the message to your outgoing voicemail greeting, most people play the message on their computer while recording to their phone voicemail.  However, if you want the quality to be better, please refer to your phone manufacturer's instructions on how to upload the MP3 as your outgoing message.  Due to the number of different phone types and carriers out there, we cannot provide instructions on how to upload the MP3 to your phone.