Below is information on the voice over equipment I use (or have used) in my own studio and which I highly recommend to any professional voice actor who wants to have his or her own setup from home.  

The Neumann is the microphone I use the most.  It's perfect for my voice in any genre and really picks up the nuances and idiosyncrasies.  The majority of the studios I work with have this microphone, so it's definitely worth the investment.


This is the exact starter package I purchased when I started my voice over career.  The best value and quality for the price range.  I recorded national commercials and network cartoons on the Rode NT1-A and it's such a quiet studio microphone.  I highly recommend this for anyone starting out who may not be able to invest in the higher quality mics.  Just don't get a USB mic, please!  


This will most likely be the only interface you'll ever need for your studio.  It's never let me down and you literally plug it in and start recording.  


The Sennheiser is the industry standard in all studios and I used it as my main microphone for over 5 years.  It works great as a travel mic and is great in most environments as it's a shotgun and will only pick up noises directly in front.


My first custom booth I built was in an extra walk-in closet in a spare bedroom.  I covered the walls and ceiling in this foam and the sound was amazing. Great buy.  


I made the switch from PC to Mac several years ago and haven't looked back.  This is my current setup and I'm loving it.  It supports all of the software I need for recording and running my business.


Saving recording sessions and ALL my VO related things strictly to the external hard drive keeps my computer from working overtime to keep up with my sessions.  Using the external hard drive's memory to save and run things off of is key to keeping your business organized and running smoothly.  


Bring a cup of this bad boy into a session and you'll be good to go.  Sip between takes or during a break to keep your throat comfortable.  

This spray is a lifesaver for long recording sessions (especially video game and animated series).  Spray some in the back of your throat and you're smooth as silk.  It saves your tired vocal folds and coats them for relief. 


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